A Leather Jacket and Tight Fitting Jeans

As a teenager she was brought to Kathmandu from her village by relatives who promised to send her to school but instead she worked as a maid in their house. She fell in love with the local butcher and they eloped and got married against his family’s wishes as he was of a “higher caste” so his family didn’t let her enter their kitchen or pray to their ancestral protector deities.

Their first child was a girl. At first he was happy. But when she was pregnant the second time some of his friends or relatives told him that she was likely carrying a girl child again. So he took out Mr. Society’s frustration on her. So she got beat up black and blue till she was bleeding.

He now works as a member of the security team for one of the queens of an oil rich nation. She has melancholy ring tones on her mobile phone that wail “dukhda pani hasnai parne kasto bhagya hola mero” (I have to smile even when I suffer what kind of fate is mine?).

She dreams of wearing a leather jacket and tight fitting jeans.


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