“Dukha” (suffering) – Aung San Su Kyi

“Dukha is not something we can avoid as human beings but if we share it together, it feels a bit less bad.”

– Aung San Su Kyi, June 14, 2014, Civic Society Felicitation Event Speech, Army Club, Kathmandu

A second quote I am uploading from a speech I heard recently by Aung San Su Kyi. She is referring to the Buddha’s very first teaching after he attained enlightenment. The first noble truth of dukha or suffering.

Most Nepalis love to say that Buddha was born in Nepal yet have never heard not contemplated the Buddha’s teachings, which are not pessimistic nor nihilistic but realistic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Noble_Truths#First_truth:_dukkha


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