waiting mind

waiting for a few words 

to come from somewhere 

to take a breath of life   

yet unformed, unborn 

yet not even conceived 

in my waiting mind 


waiting for words to take form

a shape, a concept, a voice 

not knowing what it will say 

what will be strung together? 

it’s pure, painful pleasure 

a delight to observe

this waiting mind  


waiting for some words and a voice 

not knowing those words

but knowing only this, that

the words will never grow old

even after you and I are gone 

words never age, they never die 

they stay the same, once formed

while everything changes around us


I’ll get wrinkles and white hair

like the old grandma I saw yesterday 

stooping as she walked by unsteadily  

knowing well she is breathing some of her lasts 

but these silly words of mine will live

somewhere for someone forever

 meanwhile, I am waiting for a few words

my mind is restless, trying to stay calm

impatient and curious about the words

that will stay in my mind forever

then I will look back at my waiting mind

and tell it, “good you waited, dear mind”

a waiting, patient, undeterred mind

full of tides of painful pleasure

what a delight it is to observe  


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