In Quotation Marks

Things I love about America, “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, “Leader” of the “Free” World

Performing “Quotation Marks”


Stick your hands out
Right hand beside right ear
Left hand beside left ear
Stick index and middle finger out
Like a Victory Sign
Bend both fingers mid way
Not all the way down
Pump fingers up and down animatedly
At least two to three times

Ability to perform this gesture will allow you unlimited entry
into an alternate universe of high Americana
where sarcasms and subtexts compete with
Apples, Big Macs and the shot reverse shot

I am “free”
I am “American”

May I show you my quotation marks? (Lift arms up, hands beside ears, index and middle fingers dropping down)

(HERE: A glimpse into my “love” affair with America where I lived about 7 years. In Quotation Marks. My favorite “American” of all things “American”. More “American” than the CHEVY, WOODSTOCK, CREDIT CARDS, 9/11, WMD, WASPS, MAC, ADD, the IVIES, APPLE, BIG BROTHER, PIE, POP, HIP HOP, PASSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, THE SIMPSONS, SUPER SIZE THIS, SWAG, APPLE BOTTOMS, a STREET NAMED AFTER A WALL, A VALLEY NAMED AFTER A CHEMICAL ELEMENT, SILICON, the HYPHEN that solves everything and WHATEVER (Talk to the Hand Coz the Face Ain’t Listening!).)


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