Who cares?

Of all the types of attitudes available, I wish I could have a relaxed “who cares” attitude, and not take reality, the past, the future that hasn’t happened, things people did, things people said, things that happened, things that are happening, things that we wished and hoped for but didn’t happen, things we fear people might say or do, things we fear will or might happen – so seriously.

A relaxed “Who cares” attitude (not to be confused with shutting down or an angry who cares attitude): Such a brave attitude; I wish I had even just a little bit of this attitude.

Success? Failure? Fat? Thin? tough childhood? issues with people? Self identity issues? Some illness or diagnosed disorder? Rough time at work? Someone talking about you? Someone stepping on your toes? Provoked?

Your mind taking you to all kinds of states you don’t necessarily want to go to – like a roller coaster ride. Fear. Jealousy. Pride. Envy. Anger. Hatred (incl self hatred). Happiness. Sadness. Elation. Depression. How about if you could just look at it head on and say in a relaxed way “who cares?” That would be pretty cool, no?


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