An Intellectual’s Property

“They talk too much

And lecture everyone

They steal books

From your bookshelf

And flowerpots from

Your flower garden

As if everything

Belongs to them”

My barely educated mother’s view of intellectuals

She is wary when any intellectuals visit our home

Keeping a firm lookout on the books and flowerpots

Paying absolutely no attention to what they are saying

Maybe she is right

Intellectuals steal ideas

Then churn and impose them

They steal beauty from

Right under your nose

Believing everything to be

Their property, an extension

of themselves, and their minds

Beware of ideas, intellectuals

The rigorous labors of the mind

For they might actually bear fruit

And shape, and color our world

As it has for centuries past

Rationalism. Marxism. Socialism

Capitalism. Patriarchism. Feminism.

Secularism. Hinduism. Buddhism

Modernism. Post modernism. Humanism.

“….ism?” (what’s the next ism?)

Fill in the blanks.

Why steal ideas and beauty

When it did not even belong

to you in the first place?

Why leave a mess behind you

merely to satisfy your insatiable

intellectual curiosity?

Why not just let it be?


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