Happy Huppie

Want to know about my recent self invented “English” word?


If it’s not obvious enough, this term comes from combining the two words “hippie” and “yuppie” together.

Use in a sentence?

On a recent too short a holiday from dusty, neurotic, and often times annoyingly urbane Kathmandu to the uber relaxing lake town of Pokhara, I met one of the many huppies that have Nepal down as a must visit place on their “bucket list”” or one of “100 places to visit before you die”.

Further, many huppies seem to be looking for the all elusive “happiness” that some take much trouble to roam to the tops of mountains and the ends of the earth for.

Further, if one meets a huppie who is truly happy, it could then be called a happy huppie?

Further clarification: The term huppie is as demographically hazy as yuppie or hippie, not necessarily defined by nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, income, or class.


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