To Kathmandu; You stink but I love-love you

(I had a bit of a gap posting on my blog because I had some internet issues where I live in Kathmandu, Nepal. And did I mention there was no running water coming out of our tap this morning, because the pump that is meant to pump water from the underground table relies on electricity, and since we have no electricity for most of the day, that means no running water! So, I’m a bit smelly as I write this poem to Kathmandu).

You stink.
But I still love-love you, Kathmandu, I do.
For everything you have taught me.
About myself.
About inviting, accepting, and letting go.
About finding perfection in imperfection.
About finding peace in and after war.
About dignity, loyalty and picking your battles wisely.
About patience, challenges, people, unconditional love, and holding it together when everything goes to pieces around you.

I love your grit.
I love your grime.
I love how you never crumble under pressure, and although I cheat on you every once in a while, to get some fresh air, in seductive Pokhara, I’m always gonna look for a Kathmandu state of mind.

Kathmandu, you’re like a lotus in the mud.
Standing pure, beautiful and tall
Amid it all.

And even though I didn’t get to take a hot, western style shower today, that’s okay, I’ll get muddy, smelly, and old with you, and we’ll survive it against all odds. Together.
We’ll take painful, cold water bucket showers. Together.

Nothing to hide.
That’s how I’m gonna have to leave you one day, anyways, Kathmandu.
Nothing to declare.
So I best calm my fears, wipe my tears, and get on my resilient and compassionate Kathmandu state of mind.


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