Je Suis Charlie

Extremist Buddhist memes

Extremist Buddhist memes

lotus born wisdom

I guess it seems appropriate I share these memes, just made with one of those meme generators on the internet I made when I had a few hrs to kill.

I know it seems an extremist Buddhist might sound like an impossible joke but we never know when the morality bug might bite us or a deluded sense of superiority and righteousness might hold sway (my way or the highway) or how the seeds of extremism enter us until they are full grown concepts that colorblind our perception of reality.

The first one pokes fun at the often intense and quite aggressive arguing over the birthplace of the historical Shakyamuni Buddha who was born 2,500 years ago. Although Nepalis love to say Buddha was born in Nepal and will probably fight violently to uphold this bit of information, most don’t actually know what the Buddha taught.

The second one pokes fun using the same auto meme at the suggestion that Guru Padmasambhava “the Lotus Born”, the patron saint of Buddhism particularly in the Himalayan regions being born in a lotus and how that would not be accepted in a logical world, where one must be born in a country, and have historical footprints, real or digital.

The third one pokes fun at the stereotype of the Buddhists who are for saving all living creatures, including insects and flies.

Je Suis Charlie.


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