Learning to be alone

Open any newspaper
Turn on the tube
Scan the feeds

Doesn’t the world today
Just make you wanna
Run away to a remote cave

In the Himalayas

Till you ride out the storm

Negative emotions. Provocations

So much righteousness, anger and fear

A friend showed me a cute video recently

Dogs and Cats getting along better

Than domesticated human beings

It seems the only way we can
Live without provoking one another
Is if we live completely by ourselves

So maybe it is a good idea
To learn to be alone?

After all. Alone we come. Alone we go.

In fact if I had to teach my daughter

Anything. One valuable life lesson.

I would teach her to learn to be alone.

It’s just possibly the most valuable life lesson in

This supposedly “connected” and overstimulating world.

Being alone is not the same as being lonely

Or being a loner.

It is being completely okay with being alone

It is getting to know yourself inside out

It is about riding out the storm/s

Of negative emotions. Provocations

Creating a pause. Instead of our usual

Pattern of perception, action, reaction



2 thoughts on “Learning to be alone

  1. “Being alone is not the same as being lonely.” That’s one of my favourite statements, and out of all the poems I’ve read on your blog I’ve liked this one the most so far. Good stuff!

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