Unlearning what has been taught

Diary entry -11th Feb 2015 – of the so called educated, post postmodern (pseudo-modern?/meta-modern? Digi-modern? Transmodern? altermodern? Off modern?), skeptical analytic living in one of three worlds, the third one – apparently.

Or another silly, satirical meme I made on the internet using one of those auto meme generator sites with the excuse to ‘create’ and ‘share’ but really I think it was to distract myself from doing something I am not disciplined enough to do and to get instantly gratified with ‘likes’.

And I am pretty sure since this is a post post postmodern satirical meme on post postmodernism and post modernism at the same time, nobody will get it and therefore nobody will ‘like’ it, and that’s okay.

Being okay not being ‘liked’ on Facebook and other social media andLearning the unlearnable in person and being okay when someone else is ‘liked’ more than you in virtual reality or waking reality is so post post postmodern or post digi-modern?

Makes me feel years ahead. In my mind, anyways.

If I get even one like for this post, I promise I will never quit Facebook or this blog till my dying day, and I promise to try to be brave and relevant against the deliciously, mindlessly vapid intellectual and cultural trends of the day while still participating in it.


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