Nepal Earthquake. Lesson in Impermanence. April 25, Day 1

Big lesson in impermanence! Big earthquake with aftershocks still coming at us in Kathmandu. We are safe and in a big public ground but we think we might have to spend the night outdoors. Hope everyone in the earthquake affected area is safe. Had to leave home as I was putting daughter down for afternoon nap. No phone. No wallet. No news. Was totally off the grid last 4 hours. But managed to find some lunch for me and my family, daughter, mother all together – and finally managed to get my purse and phone. The house shook so much we thought the whole thing was going to come crashing down.

Thankfully it didn’t and hopefully it stays that way. Heard there is lot of damage and loss to life elsewhere. Here some homes have collapsed entirely and there has been loss of life, including little children. But thankfully Drukmo (my 2 year old daughter) is such a trooper and she is not alarmed at all.

She was sitting in meditative pose, “doing Buddha” and singing Guru Rinpoche mantras in the midst of the chaos!


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